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Make-A-Wish® Hawaii partners with Philpotts Interiors to grant Hilo girl’s wish

October 2019
(photos courtesy Make-A-Wish® Hawaii/Darcy Fiero)

Philpotts staff recently partnered with Make-A-Wish® Hawaii to grant the wish of 10-year old Camryn from Hilo, Hawaii. Battling a nervous system disorder that was caused from a brain bleed before birth, Camryn underwent two MRIs and numerous tests within just weeks after she was born. Since then, she has experienced hundreds of seizures and surgeries, and relies on a walker to move about.


Led by Associate/Senior Designer Avery Solmssen, the Philpotts team designed a bright and colorful sensory room where Camryn can continue to learn, play, and grow in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment. Full of energy, Camryn doesn’t let her nervous system disorder hold her back. She remains resilient, pushing through her illness with strength and determination.


“Watching Camryn’s unabashed smile while seated on the swing with her doting grandfather was all the appreciation I needed. This process is a gift to us—a precious reminder that we are more than the sum of our parts.”

~Avery Solmssen, Associate/Senior Designer


“The team at Philpotts truly went above and beyond to bring this wish to life, and we know that the space they have created will benefit Camryn and her family for years to come.”

~Trini Kaopuiki Clark, Make-A-Wish Hawaii President/CEO


In addition to Avery, other Philpotts team members that contributed to making Camryn’s wish come true included Ron Uyesugi, Samantha Elwell, Virginia Wong, and Kristie Kiggins.

This project would not have been made possible without the generous support provided by other vendors and suppliers, including Bob Prevost Contractor (Bob Prevost); Place (Mia Sunnland and Kristin Meehan); Blueprint Audio Visual (Koa Wagner and Jenna Tanner); Toby Wilkinson; Kona Coast Upholstery; De Sousa Hughes (Debbie Gray); Masland Flooring (Danette Hoe); Ferguson (Hanne Kinoshita); Maui Custom (Eddie Takayesu); H2O Logistics (Dayna Teruya); SoHa Living (Brooke Watson and Shyrah Maurer); and White Gloves Moving and Installation (Kraig Hynes).

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