Philpotts Interiors


Interior design is more than the making of a space. It is the result of an intimate collaboration between designer and client, working together to enhance environments through an imaginative blend of aesthetic and function.

Rooted in Hawaii with a reach across U.S. mainland, and the Pacific, we are artisans of our craft. Inspired by our firm’s legacy and our clients’ unique needs, we synthesize art, craft, and culture to create extraordinary spaces for living and working.

Our vision reaches far beyond the walls we’re working within. We design interiors with a deep respect for a property’s unique place in the world. Integrating the indoors and outdoors we create environments that satisfy our innate human desires.

We understand the development and business challenges our residential and commercial clients face. For our residential clients we work to create one-of-a-kind environments where they can live with ease and style. We maintain a respect for the ROI of our commercial clients while promoting their brand identity with fresh, innovative design.

From Honolulu’s latest resort-like luxury condominiums to the design of efficient 21st century office spaces, the foundation of our design philosophy was and remains inspired by our nearly six decade old legacy. What sets us apart is our multigenerational staff who have given us the ability to adapt and evolve to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients.