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Our firm began in the 1960s by infusing good design with island culture and creating a true sense of place for our residential and commercial clients. Our founding designer, Mary Philpotts McGrath, drew upon her island home’s rich heritage, landscape and spirit. In doing so, she laid down the foundation of our firm. As the state of Hawaii grew, so did the Philpotts team and its reputation.

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“As a designer, my job has always been to connect people to this environment and create for them ‘a sense of place,’ of living harmoniously with our climate and people. Fads and fashion, while acknowledged, are never primary to Island design. Instead, I try to create spaces with lasting value and timelessness, to pull from you what you already know about the way you want to live.” ~ Mary Philpotts McGrath

Mary was an esteemed figure in the world of interior design, recognized for her unique blend of modern and traditional design elements that reflect the essence of Collaboration, Culture and Place. As the founder of Philpotts Interiors, she has led the firm to national acclaim with her visionary leadership and exceptional design aesthetic. Mary’s work is characterized by a deep respect for art, culture and craftsmanship, which is reflected in every project the firm undertakes.

Philpotts Interiors has grown into one of the most respected interior design firms in Hawaii. Under Mary’s guidance, the firm specializes in high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, integrating the spirit of the locale into each design, supporting local arts and cultural initiatives. Her creative spirit will live on through our design team, partners and clients, the spaces she has adorned and the hearts she has touched. The next generation of designers is thriving thanks to her stewardship, and will continue to carry on the legacy and expand upon the firm’s work with purpose and passion.

Since the early 2000s Marion Philpotts-Miller, Lowell Tom and Holly Boling Ruiz have carried the legacy forward, helping expand upon the firm’s work to include recent notable projects such as Park Lane Ala Moana, Four Seasons Resort Ko’Olina and an international portfolio of residential clients.

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