Philpotts Interiors

Pacific Heights Blues

San Francisco, CA

Creating a room for a Showhouse can be liberating for the designer. They are for once their own client and the interpretation of the space given them is entirely their own. Three Honolulu designers teamed up on this style-savvy space for a recent San Francisco charity project.

They took a “bowling alley” shaped room with a drop-dead bay view and turned it into an adult rumpus room with the sophisticated use of color and tribal patterns inspired by an African safari.

Wanting to make the space more experiential and less “fluff and stuff,” they embraced the use of cutting edge technology with the latest in digital video and audio components. The sounds of tribal drums could be heard before even entering the room. All of it was cleverly hidden so the room’s interior would appear seamless and polished.

Deep navy walls are projected with images from New Guinea and other primitive cultures. Playful lighting throws graphic patterns across the room, and LED tract and deco lights define distinct zones, thereby expanding the definition of a gallery.

The result is a room for letting go and becoming more authentic.

Pacific Heights Blues Chair Vignette - Luxury Residential by Philpotts Interiors

Chair Vignette