Philpotts Interiors

Mālie Residence

North Kona Coast, Hawaiʻi, HI

The name of this gracious, oceanview home is Mālie, meaning calm and quiet in Hawaiian. The client loved the relaxed ambience of old Hawaiian houses as well as the beautiful teak and stone carvings coming from Bali, Indonesia. A trip to Bali produced a collection of buddhas made of stone, teak woodcarvings and many garden ornaments.

Original artwork was added to the client’s collection by island artists Avi Kiriaty, Denby Freeland and Russel Lowrey. In addition to the Balinese mix is a collection of well-curated found pieces.

The main hub of the house is the living, dining and kitchen room which opens onto a meandering lanai, grassy lawn and serene infinity-edged swimming pool. Designer Marion Philpotts-Miller enlisted her brother, furniture maker McD Philpotts and his son, Kainoa to create a collection of tables for this living area. Because they felt that traditional Koa was no longer sustainable, they decided on plentiful monkeypod for the pieces.

The home’s lower floors are dominated by teak chiseled flooring, cabinets and custom mirrors. While the walls are smooth cedar and plaster in sand tones. Upstairs travertine and reef stone have been used liberally.

The furnishings at Mālie say “traditional, bygone era reinvented.”

Georg James and John Dinsmore, two artists who have done everything from designing stage sets to transforming castoff furniture into works of art, have contributed work to the living room. A collection of feather lei, calabashes, or umeke, and tattoo-patterned gourds line the shelves. Denby Freeland, a family friend and second-generation artist, has created four pieces inspired by Hawaiian kapa designs. They hang on each side of the entry door.

The walls of the children’s bunk room are covered in colorful “Go Fish” wallpaper. Tucker Robbins bureaus of carved teak make the design connection to the lantern lighting above. The double decker bunk beds have ohia railings and amusing stencils create closet labeling and an opportunity to learn a Hawaiian word or two.

On the lower level is a fully stocked Tiki Bar, a bowling alley, shuffleboard and ping pong table making it a fun space for both adults and children. There’s even a corner with a vintage record player, old albums, ukuleles, guitars and sheet music. If none of that sounds appealing, you can chill out and just watch a movie in the media room.

Malie Residence Vignette - Philpotts Interiors