Philpotts Interiors

Hotel Wailea

Maui, HI

A harmonious blend of residential allure and hospitality, the suites at Hotel Wailea are reimagined as Maui’s adult-only exclusive retreat. Transformed to provide a romantic guest experience, the suites embody a playful distinctive vision infused and focused on local art, craftsmanship, and culture.

With a lens on residential design, the team created a ‘suite escape’ resembling a home environment. Drawing inspiration from the rich palettes of Hawaii’s land and sea characteristics, the design transcends through textural and visual concepts.


The Mauka (mountain) scheme is an ode to the earth and grounded in nature’s embrace of the garden lanai landscape. Its shades of vibrant greens and rich, red earth tones are reflected in the patterns and textures of the furniture, artwork, and overall living spaces.

The Makai (ocean) scheme honors the ever-present ocean views and delves into the deep palettes of coastal allure with lively splashes of vibrant color.

These profound themes serve as a guiding principle and are intricately interwoven into the suiteā€™s details.