Philpotts Interiors

Hale Kiawe

Kona, HI

Located on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii is “Hale Kiawe” or House of Kiawe, named for it’s natural surrounding of dry kiawe trees.

This open-air outdoor space of the lanai became the focal point of the dwelling. The core of the lanai is innovative and flexible to withstand the arid climate. The natural spaces provide purposeful restrain as a place to gather or retreat, allowing room to breath and experience a depth of tranquility and renewal.



Custom furniture made in Bali and India forged an organic cultural connection to the landscape. Crafted by local woodworkers, interior elements were incorporated using the dense kiawe wood from the surrounding trees and along the coastline.

This quintessential lanai celebrates the beauty of the natural light as it changes from day to night. The quiet elegance of design, and a boastfulness of spiritual existence adapts to the environment with ease and comfort.