Philpotts Interiors

Coral House

Maui, HI

Overlooking Maui’s south shore, this home was designed to embrace sustainability and support active lifestyles. As a net-zero model for sustainable living, the serene coastal backdrop provides a strong connection with nature and livability. The architecture, interior design and landscaping support sustainable living in a restrained and contemporary envelope.

The second floor has a sustainable green roof that exudes a restorative stillness for mindful meditation. The overall craftsmanship of indigenous wood millwork and stone features integrate with each other to brilliantly execute a unity of material finishes and detailing.

Sustainable features include large roof overhangs for shading, natural ventilation, metal-clad doors and windows for durability, photovoltaic solar panels and battery storage, a well-insulated building envelope, high-performance glazing, brise-soleil sun screens, stormwater management, daylighting, use of local Ohia hardwood, and energy efficient appliances, resulted in LEED Silver certification.