Philpotts Interiors

Colorado Luxe

Denver, CO

Imagine the open majesty of the Rocky Mountains, combine it with the formality of the East Coast and you have the parameters for this spectacular new home. The owners asked us to create a family-friendly environment that reflected their Eastern traditions in a new Colorado residence. It must have substance, they said, yet be relaxed enough to raise a family.

Choosing paint colors was especially difficult because the natural light in Hawaii and Colorado are radically different. Colors changed like a chameleon between our studio and the site. In addition, the doors, baseboards and millwork ranged in color from crisp white to chocolate ebony and walls ran the gamut from white wainscoting to ebony tones and zebra wood.

Curved hallways on the first and second floors required us to layer in sconces to provide rhythm to the corridors. A dramatic stairwell was highlighted with a three-tier silk ceiling.

In the living and dining spaces, careful placement of lighting was important to anchor key furniture groupings. For instance, the dining table could be used as a single elongated table or separated and into two tables seating eight guests.

New furnishings, along with well-loved pieces from the client’s personal collection, were layered in to make the home both familiar and excitingly fresh.

Colorado Luxe Entry - Luxury Residential by Philpotts Interiors