Philpotts Interiors

Allure Waikiki

Waikiki, Oʻahu, HI

The goal at the Allure, a holiday condominium in Waikiki, was to create a residential feel and have more usable spaces.  The original interiors felt large and institutional. Modern design solutions and a quiet, neutral palette are introduced, making the dated property more appealing to sophisticated travelers not requiring mai tais and tiki torches on their vacations. A sense of place was subtly introduced through tasteful art and ocean ephemera.

We solved the institutional problem by creating space within the space and treating it like a home.  On one side of the lobby we created a den with a coffee bar, newspapers and magazines.   We relocated the security desk so they would have a more guest service interaction. On the other side we created a living room that was more residential and inviting with books, art and furnishings that communicated grace and hospitality.  Amazingly, the moment we completed the transformation the lobby was active with residents. No longer merely a pass-through, but a valued lifestyle component.


We worked on blending the indoor/outdoor spaces, to disrupt the barricade that is often created in high rise urban design. The rooms were designed to be open to the environment. We added bookshelves without backs, open trellis ceilings with lights and extended the space outside the glass windows.

In the apartments, the bed is defined by a vertical post that creates an envelope for sleeping. Adjacent is a lounge/reading area with bookshelves creating a dedicated function area and adding storage. With restraint, the room feels large and multi- functional; an advantage in urban apartment living.

The dining room table is a small glass table anchored by storage/ art alcoves on each side creating an elegant backdrop with access to the adjacent space. The floating open weave light fixture helps to illuminate the table surface and visually anchor the seating while allowing for transparency to the adjacent living space. A transitional hallway space provides a dining experience in tight conditions.

Master Bedroom