Philpotts Interiors

Kitchen/Dining Overall

Waterfront Grace

Waikiki, Oʻahu, HI

The apartment on Waikiki’s Gold Coast feels literally perched above the Pacific. We began updating the once shabby spaces by incorporating the pale colors of the sand and sea. Soft greens and shell pinks already existed just outside the door. We used them throughout the home in a serene, never coy, way to create unity and calm for this retreat. The use of lightly colored woods and clean-lined furniture, including signature custom-made “beefy” teak shuttered doors, furthered our goal. In order to keep the spaces unobstructed, we created a built-in dining area with contemporary seating.

Heritage family pieces belonging to the client, such as a wooden umeke and large abstract artwork, add the heart and needed warmth to the overall design. Asian and tropical accessories were also added with a light touch.

A fresh, ocean-inspired palette is continued throughout the home with the choice of cabinetry and modern hardware, lighting fixtures, and glass tiles in the master bathroom.

The result is an ideal spot to watch the sea, swaying palms and passing ships headed for unknown ports.

Waterfront Grace Balcony Luxury Residential by Philpotts Interiors