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Bedroom Exterior

View from the Terraces

Lanai City, Lanai, HI

The house sits facing the Pacific, with other islands visible on the distant horizon. Newly built in a remote location, it didn’t yet have a personality of its own. There was no clue that a vibrant California family with friends and children would occupy it as a vacation home.

We were greeted with lots of brown wood, a beige palette and none of the color and verve of the family about to move in. The task was coming up with an overall design, planning the spaces, selecting materials, finishes and other specifications including lighting, door and cabinet hardware section and the purchasing of furnishings and window treatments. And it had to be done on a tight budget.

View From the Terraces - Luxury Residential by Philpotts Interiors

Bench Vignette

The remote location and lack of craftsmen and skilled tradesmen were a real challenge. Our goal was to infuse color and fill the home with beautifully designed furniture and art objects. This was important because the client, an artist, was one with discerning taste. We were able to stay within the client’s budget by having much of the furniture custom designed and manufactured in Indonesia. Shipping and custom delays had to be overcome, but the results and cost savings were worth the extra time it took.

A warm, strong assortment of colors were added to walls – lime green, ochre – to brighten the spaces and provide visual relief. Dramatic hits of color and pattern are everywhere, from the orange and white striped upholstery in the Great Room to the punches of red and aubergine in the bedrooms. The lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware are clean, modern and sturdy. Their contemporary style is ideal for a place that could get some rough use.

View From the Terraces Porch - Luxury Residential by Philpotts Interiors