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Tori Richard Ala Moana Entrance

Tori Richard Various Locations

Various Locations, HI

Tori Richard is the embodiment of a brand personality that is thoughtful, intelligent, respectful, and optimistic. In the world of fashion, what’s innovative today is mainstream tomorrow. Our challenge was to reinvent their store’s image by respecting the company’s legacy of “vintage style” while creating a new brand voice.  We created designs to breathe life into new store concepts.

Tori Richard is rooted in resort living with the eclectic fusion of Eastern and Western design elements. They artfully combine in a resort-chic lifestyle. We studied their past and designed two new stores in Waikiki and the Ala Moana Center.

The Waikiki store focused primarily on the owner’s vision and pushed the limits to elevate the brand to a higher, more contemporary level. The challenge was to make a big impact with a small storefront. We employed a boutique approach by creating three spaces within a larger one. A custom mid-century backlit grill helps to divides the spaces. Colored grass cloth walls designate male and female zones and break up spaces. Coral stone and oak fixtures compliment the ease and sophistication of the space. Props are reserved and nostalgic. A blazing red MGA sports car stands as a beacon to the iconic Elvis Presley movie “Blue Hawaii.”

Tori Richard Ala Moana Interior

At the Ala Moana store, we collaborated with the owner and architect to expand the small spaces and fixtures into a larger scale design. The end result was a design that supported the stores new merchandising scheme and met the stores budget.

The Ala Moana stores’ strong architecture and signature cash/wrap counter anchor the space. Color is thoughtfully placed to identify and accentuate spaces. Bold and dramatic colors, transparent window screens, and a coral stone wall imbue feelings of resort living. Travertine plank flooring enhances the look of the space. The perimeter wall grills feature a design motif and directs customers to featured merchandise. Vintage Tori Richard memorabilia adorn fitting room walls and remind shoppers of their legacy. We were successful in creating an environment that emphasizes the Tori Richard motto, “Resort is a state of mind”.  The newly branded Tori Richard stores make one feel closer to an ideal destination. Tori Richards’ aptitude for modernity and change is a true mark of innovation and success.

Tori Richard Waikiki Interior