Philpotts Interiors

Banquette Seating

Mauna Lani Bay Restaurant

Kohala Coast, Hawaiʻi, HI

This casual indoor/outdoor dining spot at the Mauna Lani Bay was looking sadly dated. The restaurant, designed by architect Edward Killingsworth, needed to have a classical tropical elegance restored to the site.

The exterior, once a sea of tables next to a lovely garden, got a fresh lift with custom, built-in outdoor benches adding geometry to the space. We replaced the outdated furniture and added new elements such as a handcrafted glass and metal screen. The screen, made of bronze and glass, defines the entry which was previously a blank space and creates a sense of arrival for diners. It resembles at different times bubbles or iridescent fish scales. Lively fabric was used on the indoor banquettes and new artwork livens the once bland back walls. The high ceilings now sport custom-designed light fixtures.

Lanai Seating