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Kapalua Spa

Kapalua, Maui, HI

Timeless modern forms and rich, natural shapes combine to create a new Hawaiian style that is both sensuous and refreshing at the Kapalua Spa on Maui. With the look and feel of a beach house, the spa embraces the sea by being sensitive to the ocean’s environment. It speaks the language of tranquility with its mixture of blues and greens. Its’ cool, natural materials are in harmony with Maui’s dramatic coastline.

The spa’s treatment rooms, outdoor message hales, or huts, with private soaking tubs, relaxation, sauna and steam rooms are filled with state of the art equipment. There is also a yoga studio, saline lap pool, sun deck, juice bar and retail shop for guests to top off their relaxing experience.

Massage Hale

We designed the spa using fabrics with rich, natural textures that reflect both the native culture and its physical surroundings. Rocks, driftwood, inlaid shells and sea glass combine to stimulate the senses and incorporate natural ocean elements.

The interior invites guests to feel as though they are a part of the bay. The grand, open floorplan, bamboo gardens and stunning panoramic views of the ocean allow guests to be pampered in the most luxurious setting. The spa’s inside/outside concept makes a tremendous impact. Whether simply relaxing in the lobby, or walking through the gardens, the guest always feels a strong relationship to the natural environment.

Wood Carving Detail