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Lobby Seating Area

Chun Kerr LLP

Honolulu, Oʻahu, HI

Needing to expand their modest office space, the law firm of Chun Kerr LLP made the bold decision to move to the 23rd floor of the prestigious First Hawaiian Bank Tower. While the move was interpreted as a jump to play with the “big boys,” the easy-going firm didn’t want to lose their fun-loving, laid back identity. Working closely with the client and architect, we created a highly efficient office layout with the sensibilities that reminded everyone of the firm’s relaxed character.

Chun Kerr desired an office aesthetic that would make both clients and staff feel at ease. The arrival experience is warm and welcoming – a stark contrast to the corporate lobbies of many law offices. Quirky light fixtures and furnishings, herringbone-patterned wall coverings, art and color all contribute to the casual atmosphere. The office was designed to relate to the firm’s local roots with mango, orange and banana yellow pops of color and a curated selection of art reflecting Hawaii.

Makai Conference Room

Makai Conference Room

Early in the programming process, a design decision was made to completely flip the floor plan of the previous office. The former lunch area was converted into a series of conference rooms to take advantage of panoramic views – a major appeal to clients and a great place to host their well-known kanikapilas, or music jam sessions. Offices were relocated to the mauka side of the building into what is one of the most efficient law firm layouts in the state. To avoid the dreariness of the long office hallways, we elected to use a series of modular furniture systems to visually break up the office corridors. In an effort to increase collaboration, film on the floor-to-ceiling glass of the offices was removed to enhance visual connection and access to natural daylight.

Lobby Seating Area Detail