Philpotts Interiors

Lower Level Seating

Alan Wong’s Amasia

Wailea, Maui, HI

In 2012, we were asked to transform a gloomy, cave-like restaurant accessible only by elevator, into a light, bright space for premier chef Alan Wong. We did, and Amasia was born.

At the restaurant, located at Maui’s Grand Wailea Resort, we aimed for the look of a traditional Japanese fishing village. To open up views, we removed the existing partitions. It allows the diner to look out across the restaurant’s Japanese gardens to the sun setting on the horizon. We believe the spirit of a space is evoked right at the entrance, so we created a new journey into the restaurant. Entering off the lobby, guests walk through the gardens, beautifully accented by brilliant flora and fauna, striking granite rocks and a new ohia bridge straddling the original koi ponds, to the entrance.

Private Dining Room

In contrast to the heat of the gardens, Amasia’s interior is cool and zen-like, with a feng shui influenced layout. The restaurant’s new décor reflects Alan Wong’s famous east-west culinary style, tastefully fusing custom designed contemporary furnishings and bold original artwork with the traditional Japanese interior of the building. We knew that light would be key to lifting this restaurant’s cave-like feel, so we incorporated retro-fitted shoji doors in contemporary Asian patterns to allow light to stream into rooms; dramatic new interior finishes add sparkle to the traditional wood detailing; and strategically-placed architectural lighting illuminates the magnificent boulders that had been hand-selected and imported earlier from near Japan’s Mt. Fuji for the original space.

We’re proud to have brought light into darkness and injected surprise into what had been traditional design. The restaurant’s striking new look adds to a truly extraordinary culinary experience.

Sushi Bar Seating